Note: Due to an anti-terrorism law passed in Italy in 2005, passengers wishing to use the Internet in a public facility may be asked to present an internationally recognized document (such as a passport) to the establishment providing public communication services.

Rome Port
The City of Civitavecchia has decided to build the network “CIVITAVECCHIA WiFi”, allowing citizens free Internet access. The coverage of this service is offered alongside the major downtown areas as shown on this map (http://www.entraincitta.it/wificivitavecchia). Inauguration of this new service was held on December 21, 2012. To access, find “CIVITAVECCHIA WIFI” and connect following the instructions shown on the street signs found alongside the covered area.


There are cafes in Messina that offer WiFi if you plan to bring your WiFi enabled device (laptop, PDA, iPad, etc.). Messina has Internet Cafe’s and WiFi hot spots scattered throughout. CartoWeb, Teledigitec, Internet Point Winnercomm, Fast Net Cafe, Internet Cafe, Las Vegas Internet Cafe, and Net Point…just to name a few. Bottom line – you will have no trouble at all finding Internet access in Messina. Be aware that some establishments may ask for a modest per-hour fee to give you the password to their WiFi network. If you find a “free hot spot” in Messina, remember to at least buy something or tip the staff.

Piraeus port area offers free Wi-fi internet access. In order to connect with the wireless network you need your laptop, pda or any other device that supports wlan (WiFi 802.11), wireless network card (wi-fi/wlan) and follow the instructions:
Start/Control Panel/ Internet & Network connections, right click on Wireless Connections, and then select available connections. Select SSID from the wireless network of Piraeus port and make sure that the antivirus is disabled. Explorer: select Tools/Internet Options/Connections. Then go to LAN Settings/ Local network and unclick the choice “Use a proxy server for the LAN…”

In Souda there are a couple of Internet cafés at 2 euro per hour average price. There is apparently Free WiFi at Chania Old Port and in Chania’s central park (Kipos). I don’t know the exact location of these HotSpots yet.

Sipping Turkish coffee while admiring the gorgeous view of the Pigeon Island from the cafeterias of the port or Starbucks is a lovely experience. Especially foreign visitors really like to enjoy having their coffee while using the free wi-fi in starbucks.


I’m not a great user of chain eating places abroad preferring to support local rather than big business but you normally find McDonald’s and the chain coffee shops have free wifi.

Earlier in the year I hovered outside The Golden Arches in the Square in Ostend so that Parents in the UK could see their children playing in the bandstand as it was happening. http://bayo2013tour.wordpress.com/2013/07/07/more-at-ostend-bandstand/

If you catch me hovering and blogging on this trip tell me off. I will be blogging the trip when we are back at home, as I don’t want to annoy Helen by wasting our time ashore.

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