On Board


Deck Plans

First Time Cruising the basics

What to pack

I found a good way to find out about the ship and excursions was to read what other travelers thought on the Cruise Critic Website

A great overview of the ship from Cruise Critic

Once booked you can manage your booking on line on the voyage there is an area called Roll Call which is a forum on Cruise Critic where fellow voyagers can share their knowledge, questions and plans.

This is the place to share you private excursions plans or join in with other’s excursions. Arguably the trips will be better and cheaper than the cruise line excursions.

Our fellow cruisers have had the advantage of a spreadsheet being maintained by Tim another cruise critic member to help people organise and book independent excursions.

Cruise Critic members can take advantage of a mix and mingle event with nibbles when you can meet up with and chat to the people you been talking to online, but make sure you pre book before you board the ship.

You can take 2 bottles of wine on board for consumption in your cabin. We will be taking advantage of this allowance.

Some basic hot and cold drinks are included on board but there is no kettle in the stateroom. It looks like we will have to call rooms service and pay for drinks if we want them in the cabin, so I will be taking a tin containing a premix of coffeemate and instant coffee and another tin of instant hot chocolate so that we can have drinks in the morning and evening and make up a flask of coffee for shore excursions.

You can purchase food on board, but I’m sure we will eat the free food which is described as being very good and save our pennies to eat authentically ashore.


And here is a cruise critic members thoughts on their cruise on the Navigator on this itinerary earlier this year.



Here is a review of sister ship voyager…. You might not want to read this as it s a bit negative http://www.cruizecast.com/voyager-of-the-seas-review.html I found it interesting and may help to avoid some pitfalls.

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