My Ultimate Shore Kit

I’ve chosen the kit carefully for its flexibility, durability and lack of weight. My day bag is a camera kit rucsac which doubles as a carry on flight bag. It fits all our shore needs.


The rucsac has a protected areas in the base for lenses and cameras and a full length slot closest to your back designed to fit a lap top.

On this trip I will be carrying 2 waterproof jackets, a digital handycam and small digital stills camera, in the base and my iPad will live in the laptop area in its protective case.


Below the iPad there is room for 2 swimming costumes and large compact trekking towel for beach stops and a water colour painting kit.

A 1/2 litre coffee flask with double cup, fits in an outer side pocket.


The whole of the top half of the rucsac is free for fibre pile jackets or shore purchases.

A telescopic trekking pole with camera mount top. is strapped to the other side of the rucsac. When placed on the ground the rucsac becomes a self supporting camera monopod and is more difficult for a thief to ‘snatch’ than a standard tripod, when you’ve walked away from it for that ‘couples’ romantic shot.


The trekking pole is lighter than a tripod and when released from the rucsac and used ‘hand-held’ in it’s closed mode acts as a simple stabiliser for the video camera. As a standard trekking pole it is ready for use if you twist your ankle whilst exploring.

The ‘monopod base’ takes less floor space then conventional tripods in crowded tourist spots and prevents trips and equipment damage.

I’ve replaced the standard black cover with a high visibility one. This cover has many advantages,

  • it makes me easier to find in a crowd
  • I’m harder to run over on a road (when I’m looking the wrong way on the continent)
  • it is easier to see on the ground when being used in self supporting ‘monopod’ mode
  • it protect the contents from the elements
  • the casual thief is deterred by providing an extra layer of protection for your possessions
  • the outer pocket keeps a water bottle available and away from electrical equipment.
  • I’m not going to carry guide books on this trip and will instead be using IPad to access PDFs of websites and Apps.

    For shore wear I’m choosing trekking trousers with zip off legs a wicking shirt and a fibre pile jacket. I’ve gone for a pair of sketchers walking shoes and Helen who prefers a boot to protect her ankles will be sporting light weight Merrill’s.

    The footwear has been picked for the all terrain capabilities, light weight comfort and acceptable smart casual look about town.

    I carry money and documents in a PacSafe security bag with slash resistant mesh liner and slash resistant shoulder strap, to which I have attached a small first aid kit.

    Say Hi if you spot us ashore.

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