The guests in Stateroom 6364

The guests in stateroom 6364 on this cruise will be David and Helen. We have both just turned 50 and this is our first cruise.


I’m David and will be writing this blog. Helen is a teacher and knows she is going away at half term but won’t know she is going on a cruise until we get to the ship. Music and Theatre dominates our spare time and we will look forward to visiting the Theatre on board and some of the historical theatres ashore.


We live in the UK and have travelled in a lot in Western Europe but have not visited any of the countries on this itinerary. Many of our previous trips to Europe have involved supervising children on coach trips with Youth Orchestra tours, where we have had the best of times visiting Historic sites, and hearing our children play in some remarkable places, Like Chateau Chillon in Switzerland.

These tours have also left us with some funny memories like frantic phone calls from teenagers stuck on top of the Eiffel Tower trying to find ‘down’ or a pair of indecisive coach drivers who tried to drive a tall coach under a short railway bridge…..Fortunately at a crawl.

I’m going to record the planning  of this Holiday and excursions on the blog, along with useful links. Then I’m going to blog what actually happens when we go on the trip, so that we and others have a complete record to help maximise the experience and minimise the cost for future travelers.

This will not be first time that my family have ‘cruised’ in the area, the last time was during the second world war when my Grandfather was Gunnery Commander on HMS Orion.

HMS Orion

Cruises have been on Helen’s bucket list but have not been on mine.

Ships for me until now have been a way of traveling from A to B or provided a temporary home during security operations for the Trafalgar bicentenary in the Solent, when I had the pleasure of spending 10 days working alongside Royal Navy and Royal Marine Commandos aboard HMS Albion. If the food is half as good as the Navy Fare I will be happy.


We almost booked a cruise this summer but ended up helping my son build a ship instead.


Now a final message from the cast to all fellow cruisers.


2 thoughts on “The guests in Stateroom 6364

  1. Susan

    How strange
    I too live in Hampshire and am going on this cruise the week before!!!
    Thank you for all the info
    Enjoy your cruise

    • David Woods

      I should have more info up on Athens and Rome if you need it by early next week. All the other Port Stops, are now as complete as I intend to make them.

      Buon Voyagio

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