Will we go cruising again? And some general thoughts.

I’m sure we will. But it won’t be replacing other Holiday options. Would we use Royal Caribbean Cruise Line again. Yes if they go to an area we want to visit and the price is right.

Helen was more into the sea days than I was. Although everything on the ship was excellent, I enjoyed the shore days most, which gave a taster of the countries and helped priorities the areas we will return to first. Sorry Athens you are not first. A surprise to us back to Turkey in a heartbeat.

One thing I missed was the opportunity for evenings ashore, as I like exploring new places in the evenings, people watching and visiting places where tourists aren’t so evident.

We were not keen on the constant harassment by scarf sellers and people trying to sell us a lump of plastic which when splatted on a board made a splurge sound. They were evident in all the places we visited. All the same scarves and lumps of plastic, it looked to me like an organised network of illegal workers across the Med. A real shame to find people having to Eek out a living in this way, and as it appeared to me, more so as it seemed there was organised Crime involved, as we witnessed at the Colosseum one man who looked like an immigrant water seller being chased off by another person who appeared of similar heritage and a smartly dressed italian man, whilst other water sellers were ignored by these 2 men. There were obviously ‘reserved’ pitches and minders. I had read before I came to Rome of Crime Families running the gladiator photo opportunities outside, it looks to me like they are also running the water business.

Graffiti also plays a large part in the towns we visited, a real shame when you see it daubed up the sides of ancient monuments as we did in Athens.

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